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Patrick Wilcox

Patrick Wilcox joined the firm as a legal assistant in 2002. Prior to Lazarus & Harris he worked in a variety of roles in various fields including trade shows/exhibitions, publishing and fashion.

Patrick's professional life started at age 9 when he began doing voiceover work (singing such classic jingles as "Munch a Bunch of Fritos" and "Fever for the Flavor of a Pringle").  He continued to work as an actor through his school years, performing on Broadway (Nine, the Musical, Strange Interlude) and appearing in television commercials, soap operas and shows including the pilot episode of the classic George Romero anthology series, "Tales from the Darkside."

Patrick retired from professional acting when he started college, graduating from Manhattan College with a B.A. English Literature in 1993.


Tel: (212) 359-3033



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